With Coca-Cola Plaza cinema ticket entrance to the multimedia art exhibition Monet2Klimt with -30% discount. Offer is till 10.05. On the multimedia art exhibition Mone2Klimt, you will see 140 paintings by famous painters Monet, Van Gogh and Klimt. Instead of traditional paintings in frames, you will see a unique exposition in 360 degrees. The whole space from floor to ceiling is represented as one canvas, as if revived by the imagination of artists. The action takes place accompanied by a classical music and sound effects during 45 minutes. The exhibition is also suitable for visiting with kids in any age. 

Aadress: Sauna 1-3, Tallinn (old town)

Open daily: 12.00-20.00


With Coca-Cola Plaza cinema tickets, parking for 3 hours in the Viru Centre Parking House on the day of the screening costs 3 euros

For customers of Coca-Cola Plaza, the cheapest parking house in the city centre is now available at an even better price – 3 hours of parking only costs 3 euros. In the case of parking longer, the standard price list will be applied from the 4th hour (2 €/per hour, 1 € from the beginning of each 30-minute period).

In order to receive the discount, bring your Viru Centre Parking House parking ticket to the cinema. The parking ticket must be checked in the machine installed for this purpose on the 2nd floor of the cinema before the film (the discount is loaded on the ticket) and later, when you pay for the parking in the Viru Centre Parking House, the discount has already been applied to your balance.

To receive the discount, take the following steps:
1. Take a parking ticket from the entry register upon entering the car park 
2. Park the vehicle as specified
3. Take the parking ticket with you
4. Check the ticket in the machine on the 2nd floor of Coca-Cola Plaza cinema
5. In the Parking House, insert the parking ticket in the payment machine 
7. Pay the required amount in cash or with a bank card
8. Insert the parking ticket in the exit register upon exiting the car park

The discount can only be used once.

Viru Centre Parking House (Viru väljak 4/6) - The car park is open 24 h, entry from Narva Road. 

Please address any further questions to the company in charge of organizing the parking, Ühisteenused AS, by dialling 1669 (from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on working days) or by e-mailing myyk@yhisteenused.ee.


Schoolchildren and students to the cinema! 

By presenting your student card, you will get a discount from the regular cinema ticket price: at the Coca-Cola Plaza cinema in Tallinn, you will get a discount of € 1.30 from the regular price, and at the Ekraan cinema in Tartu and the Centrum cinema in Viljandi, a discount of € 1 from the regular price. See you at the cinema!

We wish you pleasant experiences!
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Watch a good movie at the Coca-Cola Plaza cinema and afterwards exchange your ticket (paper ticket or in your phone) for BabyBack’s special dessert!

NB! The ticket is valid at our restaurant for 7 days after the movie or 14 days after visiting the spa, tennis club or sports complex. You will get a free dessert if you also order a full-price main course. With one order, a person can get 1 dessert at a time. The desserts will not be packed for take-away.




On Tuesdays tickets in all our cinemas are available at incredible discounts for Cinema Club members! No matter how old you are – on that day, children’s ticket prices apply for you to all sessions, in all auditoriums, and even in the A. Le Coq Suite, except for special events.

The ticket prices in Coca-Cola Plaza are €4.10 for 2D movies and €4.50 for 3D movies, in the Coca-Cola Plaza Scape and LUXE (Screen 4) auditorium €5.10 for 2D movies and €5.50 for 3D movies, in the A. Le Coq Suite €8.50 for 2D and 3D movies;
In Ekraan, the prices are €3.00 for 2D movies and €3.50 for 3D movies;
In Centrum, the prices are €3.60 for 2D movies and €4.10 for 3D movies.

Discounted tickets can be purchased through our website, from the ticket booths in all our cinemas and by using the app. 

To be a member of the Cinema Club, please join HERE! Joining the club is easy and completely free!

The Crazy Tuesday is not held on public holidays.


See you in the cinema on Tuesday!

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