3D at Forum Cinemas

3D film was first introduced to Estonian film enthusiasts on 24 October 2008 at Coca-Cola Plaza and by now, most cinema halls of Forum Cinemas are equipped with 3D technology (including in the A. Le Coq Suite), and since April 2010, the 3D experience is also available in the large hall of Cinema Ekraan in Tartu (using XpanD active 3D technology glasses). Compared to other systems, systems in place at the cinemas ensure bigger depth of colour, brighter picture and highest depth dimension without creation of shadows. 

As these are completely innovative impulses for the human brain, people experiencing a 3D session for the first time may even feel some discomfort. On every following visit, the process of becoming used to 3D will be quicker. 3D sessions are not recommended for people with epilepsy.

Coca-Cola Plaza and Ekraan


In the Scape auditorium at Coca-Cola Plaza, Barco Laser 3D glasses are used. In the 2nd, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 10th hall of Coca-Cola Plaza, we can offer 3D glasses intended especially for children in addition to the regular Dolby 3D glasses. With Dolby 3D technology, 3D processing takes place already in the projector, and glasses are only a passive component. Due to the lack of active components, the glasses are slightly lighter and special children’s glasses intended for the youngest film-lovers are significantly more comfortable as well.

In the A. Le Coq Suite of Coca-Cola Plaza and at Cinema Ekraan, the XpanD 3D glasses are used – the 3D effect is created by special ‘active glasses’, which create a three-dimensional image and dynamic general impression together with a digital cinema projector and special 3D film copy.

Before the film session begins, you will get your 3D glasses from the hall assistant or a table near the hall entrance. After the session and when the hall is left temporarily during the session, we ask visitors to return the glasses. 3D glasses can only be used in the cinema halls equipped with 3D technology – in other cinema halls or at home, the glasses will not work. If you feel that 3D glasses are not in working order, you can replace the glasses near the hall entrance. 3D glasses are also suitable for the wearers of optical glasses, as they fit well on the other glasses.

Please do not twist, rub or break the glasses.



At Cinema Centrum, the single-use 3D Masterimage glasses are used for watching 3D films in both the 1st and 2nd hall. Visitors are invited to purchase the glasses from the ticket office (€ 1). The glasses are light, comfortable and suitable for wearing with regular glasses for both children and adults. The glasses will be left with the client and can be used again on the next 3D session. In addition, these can be used when watching 3D films at home, if the 3D TV-set supports ‘Circulatory polarized’ glasses.


Wishing you exceptional film experiences,
Forum Cinemas