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The cinema is no longer merely a place for showing films, but an entertainment centre, which is visited by thousands of people every day with an aim to be entertained, spend their free time, and gain new experiences. The cinema is a popular place for spending time year-round. 

An average cinema-goer is an educated, youthful, and receptive consumer of an active lifestyle, who comes to the cinema to be entertained, widen his or her perspectives, as well as to spend his or her leisure time in addition to seeing a film – thus, an ideal target group for most advertisers.
For this reason, advertising in cinemas has become a unique and steadily growing media channel. Cinemas show films for all tastes, which makes addressing the right target group even more convenient for the advertiser.

We are offering an opportunity to play advertising clips at the Coca-Cola Plaza cinema in Tallinn (11 screens), the Ekraan cinema in Tartu (2 screens) and in the Centrum cinema in Viljandi (2 screens). 

In 2016, the cinemas of Forum Cinemas have been visited by more than 90,000 customers per month, on average, which amounts to 1.1 million visits per year. Thus, Coca-Cola Plaza remains the most popular cinema in Estonia with over a million viewers per year.

The most attractive advertising opportunities in the cinemas:

1.    Advertising clip played before films

2.    Advertising clip played on the TV-monitors 

3.    Advertising clip played on the customer monitors

4.    Adverts on the website, in the “Kinoguru” magazine

5.    Various banners in the building and on the façade, posters

6.    Adverts on popcorn boxes

7.    Advert in a light box 

8.    Glass displays in the lobby of Coca-Cola Plaza

9.    Displaying a car in the cinema building

If you have a great idea, which is not listed above, or if you would like to change, replace, create, invent something, please get in touch with me and I am sure that we will be able to invent something new and interesting together! 


Jana Vassiljeva
Advertising and Sales Manager
+372 56 800 752


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